payday 1 : The Heist is actually a leading premium downloadable activity made to provide a distinct twist on the First Person Shooter style. As an extreme, tough and also unapologetic anecdotal co-operative shooting, payday 1 is actually loaded along with egotistical mindset, impressive Hollywood-inspired activity and also limitless replayability.With 6 action-packed robberies to finish at launch, gamers plunge into a magnificent unlawful act excursion of break-ins, featuring firing their means via a midtown safe-deposit box burglary, investing captives in an armored automobile hijacking and also a bright invasion of a high-security base.

OVERKILL Software is actually a video game advancement firm that was actually established in September 2009 through a team of solidified business experts. As opportunity passed lots of trendy participants enrolled to implement on the payday 1 program and also in 2012, OVERKILL participated in pressures along with Starbreeze Studios. Belonging of the brand new moms and dad firm, OVERKILL transferred to the Starbreeze workplaces in the soul of Stockholm as well as associated the remainder of the Starbreeze group, acquiring 2 excellent crews along with abundant and also competent pasts of just how to create amazing First Person Shooter games.Today, the OVERKILL team is actually a mixture of field professionals, newly finished professionals as well as wonderful companions. It is actually a genuine fusion of adventure and also passion and also a brand new technique to progression that will certainly get rid of over the customs.

payday 1 : The Heist is actually a participating first-person shooting computer game created through Overkill Software as well as released through Daybreak Game Company. It was actually discharged on 18 October 2011, for PlayStation 3 in North America and also 2 November 2011, in Europe.[[ 4 ] It was actually discharged on twenty October 2011, for Microsoft Windows by means of Steam. The activity works on the Diesel activity motor. It has 7 various purposes (consisting of the cost-free No Mercy downloadable web content (DLC) launched on 25 July 2012), along with each purpose including arbitrary aspects which modify the gameplay in understated means along with the purpose of boosting replayability. On 7 August 2012, the Wolf Pack DLC was actually discharged on PlayStation 3 and also Personal Computer. This DLC includes 2 break-ins, added items, boosted degree limit, and also a gamer upgrade plant.

Personal devices

In payday 1 : The Heist, gamers utilize a range of guns to accomplish goals (commonly focused around swiping a specific things, individual, or even a specific quantity of funds). The video game participates in coming from the initial individual point of view, yet delivers a handful of variations on the common FPS formula. Eliminating private citizens is actually penalized, rather gamers might take a restricted amount as captives. Must any sort of gamer receive detained (after taking adequate damages and also certainly not being actually “revitalized” on time) throughout the break-in, among their colleagues might launch a captive, permitting a business to happen which enables a solitary gamer to become launched. While participating in the amounts, gamers will certainly see a ton of variety in a solitary degree, as there are actually commonly a great deal of arbitrary activities set in. An instance of the is actually the place of the banking company supervisor in First World Bank.

Gameplay [modify]

The video game concentrates on 4 crooks (Dallas, Hoxton, Chains, and also Wolf) that partner. Their initial break-in happened at the First World Bank, where they got in a safe by utilizing thermite concealed on the within a copy machine as well as swiped a sizable quantity of funds. A post-game notification praises the team, informing all of them that they are actually “well-to-do”, however suggests extra robberies, consisting of burglarizing medicine addicts in a left apartment building as well as surprising a detainee transportation in massive rainfall weather condition, merely for the pleasure of the gamers.


Overkill Software vowed DLC prior to the video game’s launch. In October 2011 the 1st of these was actually shown to consist of a Nixon cover-up, brand-new tools, abilities, personalities, and also break-ins. This DLC is actually the Wolf Pack, as well as it discharged on 1 August on the European PlayStation Store and also on 7 August for the North American PlayStation Store as well as COMPUTER. The brand new web content consisted of a brand-new Technician ability plant that provided the gamers accessibility to the AK, the GL40 as well as the Stryk handgun in addition to including a sentinel weapon. Likewise featured were actually 2 brand new robberies, Counterfeit as well as Undercover. On 25 July, the No Mercy Hospital DLC was actually launched, creating a hyperlink in between Left 4 Dead as well as payday 1 (although this has actually been actually explained to become non-canon).[[ 4] ] [ 5 ] This DLC consisted of the No Mercy robbery along with the Infected disguise specified for gamers along with Left 4 Dead put in on their pcs.
On 17 October 2014, payday 1 : The Heist was actually complimentary on Steam for 24 hrs.

Reception [modify]

As of October 2012, payday 1 : The Heist marketed over 700,000 duplicates.[[ 6] ] [ 7 ] As of 1 November 2014, payday 1 : The Heist and also payday 1 2 all together have actually offered greater than 9 thousand systems.[[ 8 ]


On 1 February 2013, Overkill Software revealed a follow up to Payday: The Heist entitled Payday 2. It was actually launched on thirteen August 2013, through Steam for COMPUTER,[[ 9 ] as well as coming from thirteen- 16 August for PlayStation 3 as well as Xbox 360.[[ citation required] ]

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